We defend your rights. Attorney Melissa Contreras turn immigration practice in her MISSION, when she had to live in Arizona with the Mexican border. Back then she was only 18 years old and saw first hand, the reality of the other hispanics that unlike her who was born in Puerto Rico, struggle and suffer difficulties to enter or stay in this country of opportunities. After this experience she started feeling a great passion and desire for the immigration subject and decided to share her immigration status privilege with others Hispanics. Years later with all her effort and some grace of the Universe/God she became an attorney and today she battle in all immigration Courts, USCIS, ICE, Consulate’s offices for the immigrants rights. She, also, is invited by Univision radios and t.v. shows to comment on the recent immigration changes and to give her opinions on how immigrants shall to prepare for those to come.

Some of our Services are: – Family-based Immigrant Visa – Employment-based Immigration (Work Visa) – Investors Visa & Residency – Permanent Residency (Green Card) – Citizenship / Naturalization – Asylum – Deportation Defense & Waivers – Temporary Visitors & Students

We manage ALL immigration processes within each states of the U.S. and their Consulates abroad. With jurisdiction or practice Nation wide (all states of the United States), and abroad —Consulates.

We defend your rights! Melissa Contreras & Asociados Immigration Firm is focused on immigration, nationality and consular law matters in the United States and abroad.

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